Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Episode 3


There’s something about the deadpan delivery of some of the lines in this show that just makes me laugh. Sometimes the lines aren’t even particularly funny and it’s the same every episode. One of the members of the Earth Defense Club will say something that is either beyond stating the obvious or is entirely left field of the main concern but they’ll say it in just the right tone to get me giggling.

Cute High3Cute3aCute High3b

Yeah, questioning someone’s mental health isn’t particularly funny but in this episode it worked quite well as a running joke and the character in question most certainly had it coming.

I found episode 3 a vast improvement on episode 2, probably due to the reduced presence of the villainous twins (though they did make their presence felt) and the back to formula approach of the Defense Club just kind of trying to get through the day without too much fuss when aliens and weird monsters (or being forced into doing a recital which somehow became play) ruin their day.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love is available on Crunchyroll.

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