Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episodes 7: The Less Said


Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss = make one episode and relocated it 5 times.


This franchise had most definitely run dry with ideas and this latest version is clearly just a cash grab rather than an inspired redeployment of creativity. Seriously, Team Rocket (aka the student council) need a new battle plan already and the main cast were seriously devoid of even vaguely interesting dialogue this week which is about the one saving grace this anime had.


But I’m not going to argue this episode was demonstrably worse than any other. It isn’t. What it is however, is more of the same without any flair to set it apart from its basic formulaic premise.

And just a fun note, I managed to review it in exactly 100 words. All I need is an episode that does nothing and I can hit the target without going excessively over.


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14 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episodes 7: The Less Said

  1. Insta-like because 100wordanime had a 100 word review. I’ve never seen this show, but from reading this, it seems like the progress is overshadowed by a too-consistent formula that bogs the anime down

    1. I agree, the too consistent formula could work if they kept finding ways to make that formula interesting. But right now it really is just marching us through the steps and changing the setting from week to week.

  2. I’m a bit behind now, but the beginning was okay. That sucks that it’s gone downhill since. I loved the original so I was hopeful that this season would be good.

    I just hate the overly long transformation scenes.

    1. I don’t mind them occasionally because it fits with being a parody of magical girl shows which generally do have overly long transformation scenes. I do mind when they play it week after week because they lack actual content though.

  3. I’m honestly so disappointed with this series so far! As this series is my total guilty pleasure I was pretty excited but I just feel there is no heart in this series and like you say it’s a cash grab more than anything else!

    1. It seemed early on like they were going to give this season a different flavour to the original with the set up being a bit different, but they’ve really done nothing with it. We’re just going back through the same motions.

      1. Yeah I noticed that they seemed to be changing things up but you’re right they haven’t done anything with it at all! To me none of the characters really seem to care about what they are doing or why they are doing it and it just leaves me cold. It’s a real disappointment for me this season!

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