Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episodes 6: Rinse and Repeat


I get that magical girl anime are formulaic at times, but a parody needs to do more than replay over and over again. We get the joke already.



This episode served as further evidence that the less actual plot an episode provides, the more likely we are to get a full transformation sequence. In the villain of the week’s defence, he was pretty useless and his attacks were pretty much brushed off like water off a duck’s back. And even before transforming, the character in question was certainly one of the more pathetic we’ve seen thus far.


But rather than bemoaning the samey nature of this episode after the last couple, I kind of liked the dialogue earlier in the episode. There were some genuinely funny moments, some good timings in the responses, and an oddly passionate declaration of why purple is a pretty good colour. It adds to the overall watchability of an anime that really shouldn’t be all that entertaining as it milks a very narrow band of humour for the third season in a row.

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