Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episodes 4 + 5: Are You Happy?


We continue our plot of over-simplistic villains and solutions that make no sense as our brave (or rather reluctant) knights continue to thwart attempts at… You know, I’m not even sure that the villain in this anime has an actual plan.


Episode 4:

Dad obsessed with finding buried treasure drives son to ranting at people in a bath house. Then son seems fine but somehow the student council decide he is resentful and transform him into a monster. Fortunately, the heroes are also out digging for treasure because there are some embarrassing secrets hidden inside time-capsules right where the treasure dig is taking place. Without a single twist, this plot just drives along its standard path right to the end of the episode.


Episode 5:

I should never watch episodes of this anime back to back. Like ever.

I always had this theory with Sailor Moon that you could always tell if an episode was going into a serious battle because you would get a full transformation sequence for each character early in the episode. The only other time you would get full transformation sequences were on throw-away episodes where even the filler-monster-of-the-week characters couldn’t actually fill the twenty minutes run time. Why is this relevant? Because Cute High gave us full transformation sequences of the boys, I think mostly because there was no way the villain of the week was ever going to have enough substance to carry even this insubstantial episode. We definitely hit a low point with episode 5, unless you happen to like the boy’s transformations.


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14 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episodes 4 + 5: Are You Happy?

  1. When I said that this is going to go on for a while (the villain of the week procedure), I still hoped for relative quick change to happen. The fact that annoys me the most so far is that this is the third season, yet it feels like an alternative telling of season 1. This forces me to raise the question: Did they change the cast only for the purpose of milking this (at this point also tiring) season? I can see why season 2 was season 2 and why season 1 was season 1, but I can’t point out a season 3 in this current third season.

    1. I’m going to agree at this point. Unless we get moving with something more than monster of the week, you know actually start dealing with the princes and their whole political issue, there’s genuinely no point to this being a series.

  2. I agree with you here, Karandi. The show seems to love letting the transformation sequence take up as much time as physically possible to try and make up for how uninteresting some of the monsters are.

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