Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 9: Roll the Dice


While this isn’t the worst episode of this anime, that isn’t exactly a resounding recommendation as we continue to get no plot development and a formulaic approach that has already worn out its welcome.

Try that defence in court.

It is festival time at the school and the club have to come up with a compelling activity because… reasons. Something about the student council being annoyed at them if they don’t. Given the council are annoyed at them anyway I’m not sure why. Something about their attendance was mentioned, but they would be at school anyway even if they did nothing. So no compelling motivation really other than festival episode.


Then we get a series of set ups and punch lines that most revolve around putting the boys in positions that could be deliberately misconstrued for amusement purposes I guess. Maybe someone found it amusing. What really drives the nail into the coffin on this episode though is that even the villain realises he serves no purpose and doesn’t fight. At all. He stands, waits for them to transform, and then they change him back. Done. No fight at all.


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6 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 9: Roll the Dice

  1. Can’t be long now until the series delivers a good finale again… hopefully. At least one good thing about this rinse&repeat season though it’s kinda hard to top the season 2 finale. 😀

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