Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 8: Endless Summer, Endless Formula


While we’re sticking true to pattern with this episode, it at least did have a few chuckles along the way and turning the usual anime summer antics on their head was kind of entertaining even if nothing else really changed.


When the most remarkable thing about episode seven was that I managed to review it in exactly 100 words, episode eight of this parody anime didn’t have a high bar to jump over to be considered better. And it is better but better in this instance is not synonymous with good. Let’s be honest, I don’t enjoy most of the normal summer anime activities so watching Kotaro shoot most of them down with logical reasons why they won’t be fun was pretty entertaining in its own way even if the story itself didn’t notably improve.


Once again, we have a villain of the week dealing with some petty personal problem and seriously over-reacting. What makes it worse is that he’s kind of idiotic in his decision making even before he gets transformed into a monster by the student council. So yeah, not a lot to recommend here though still a bit more entertaining than last week.

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