Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 3: Ridiculous Villains Here


I asked last week how many weeks you could run the same joke and this anime is determined to find out. Strictly formulaic in its approach, you either enjoy the conversations between the characters or there’s really nothing much else going on.


I think the one thing this season has over previous ones, is that stupid song that starts when they do their attack (“Are you Happy?”). It gets ridiculously stuck in my head and the sheer ludicrousness of the entire thing just kind of makes it work. That said, otherwise this season has little to distinguish it from previous iterations of Cute High Earth Defense Club Love and realistically there’s only so many transformation sequences you can watch with self-award comments about having to go through the whole sequence you can watch before you realise that there’s not a lot else going on here.


The mix of boys remains kind of interesting this season and their interactions in the early half of the episodes remain amusing enough. I kind of like that the older members of both teams are seemingly friends and are now happily acknowledging that they are enemies as if it is perfectly normal.


But the real down side of this, other then the repetition of the same basic formula over and over, is that the villains remain an extreme kind of lame. And while that is a byproduct of being a parody and many of the villains wouldn’t look too out of place in a Sailor Moon episode, it is really hard to get into any of the fight sequences because they all seem so incredibly inconsequential to the point where not even the characters themselves care. Still, I’m having enough fun with aspects of this that I’m going to keep going.

What are your thoughts?


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14 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 3: Ridiculous Villains Here

  1. According to the ending credits, that song they use as a team attack has 5 question marks in its title (which makes its punctuation game better than a lot of other titles, haha). As much as that song is catchy, it’s a bit repetitive, but that’s probably because I have whatever I can find of the OP on repeat more.

  2. I remember also struggling to watch the first season for the same reasons at this specific episode count. Well, it’ll probably go on like this for another 2-3 episodes before the story decides to wake up again.^^

    1. Yes, that seems to be the pattern for this anime. Hopefully though the other characters can keep me entertained while we wait for the story to decide to get going again. Or maybe they’ll surprise us.

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