Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 2: The Hero’s Indifference


How many weeks can an anime milk the joke of a team of heroes uninterested in the villains and the lame monsters  and have it remain amusing? Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss is definitely going to try to find out as it runs this joke ragged.


Maybe I’m just go to show my age, but I remember reading the Peanuts comics when I was a kid (they were old even then mind you) and reading the strips where Lucy holds the ball for Charlie Brown before pulling it away. Over and over again the punchline was always the same no matter what twists came earlier in the sequence or what reasoning she gave Charlie Brown as to why this time would be different. This episode felt a bit like that as the same joke is played again and again. The main hero, Kyotaro, is not interested in saving anyone or anything. His few moments of action are the quickest path to him getting more sleep or food. Despite the repeat of this joke, it lands most every time.


Part of that is the increasing frustration on behalf of the villains and part of it is the reaction of his own team-mates. Now whether this joke can continue to travel through an entire season or whether it starts showing some wear in the next few episodes will more or less determine the fate of Happy Kiss. Will it be a parody that brings ongoing chuckles throughout, or is it going to go the way of so many others with a concept that is funny for about five minutes that then dries out. I guess we’ll see, but so far this anime has definitely made me laugh.


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13 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 2: The Hero’s Indifference

  1. I feel like it’s a little too similar to the first season. Although there are, of course, many differences. If it does follow the same formula then this villain-of-the-week procedure won’t change for a while, if I remember correctly that is.^^

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