Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 10: The Silver Lining


Well, the one thing I consistently liked about this anime, the song they use when transforming the monsters back, was butchered this weak by the geriatric versions of the cast. I’d call it quits but I’m thinking there’s only like two episodes left.


There was something that could have been quite funny about this episode. The situation is so inherently ridiculous and while the boys transformations are funny enough, having the old versions of them transforming could have been pretty laughable. Instead, this all feels very lazy. From the slap dash and fairly uninspired interaction in the bath before that serves as a clumsy lead in to the theme of the episode, to the presidents rising anger, everything is all just kind of obvious and lacking in any kind of depth. And while over the top and obvious can work, here is just seems like we’re going through the motions because we can.


I’ve mentioned before that the dialogue was something I really liked about the first season of this franchise, but with the exception of the first couple of episodes, Happy Kiss has just not delivered anything even close. The characters have inane conversations and they are just inane. There isn’t any subtlety or interesting points to pull apart. The villains are poorly thought out and realised and not even in a parody kind of way. They are just badly done. The only light shining here is that we finally broke formula at the end of the episode so maybe something vaguely interesting might happen next week.

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6 thoughts on “Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss Episode 10: The Silver Lining

  1. Well I was wrong, I thought they were actually trying to go for anything but nope, it appears like this is just a cash-grab season (which this series really doesn’t need).

    Two or three more episodes to go and yeah… the reason why the season 2 finale was good was because of the characters. The characters in this season could have had potential but the way they are used is just disappointing and shallow.

    It’s unfortunate but even if the ending, despite all the odds, is going to turn out great, I won’t give any recommendation due to what this is. This season, so far, was just bad, not the fun kind of bad but mediocre-boring-bad. Considering that we’re talking about Love-Powered-Magical-Boys in puberty, this should be impossible but they somehow still managed to do it.

    “What a Shame.” – J.C. Denton (Deus Ex)

    1. They really did manage to suck any fun out of this franchise. They really should have stopped at season 1. It worked, it was funny enough, but everything since then has just been progressively tiresome.

      1. I mostly agree (it’s been a while since I’ve last seen season 1 and 2). Still I think the finale of the second season is the best fight of the series, it just feels so right! 😀

        I was hoping for more from the third season.

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