Cute High Earth Defence Club Love Episode 1 + 2


If you didn’t watch the first season, this is a parody of magical girl shows (and a bit of social commentary) filled with magical boys who when they aren’t fighting in magical girl costumes spend a lot of time sitting around in the bath discussing whatever random thing comes across their thoughts.

Review Episode 1:

I wasn’t sure about a second season of this (still not entirely sold). It was a well done parody but the joke ran its course. Still, the first few minutes of this episode (and the discussion about how an hourglass is a failure of a timepiece) had me giggling so here we go again.

And then the hourglass monster shows up (and they are still in the bath) and you just get such a flash back to the 1990’s you can’t help but laugh. I like the new outfits (plenty of extra frills) and I love that the characters are just as annoyed by them as always. Seriously, this show is no better than it was in season one and yet still hits the spot for me – fully understand that the enjoyment of this is entirely based on subjective humour though.

Review Episode 2:

My first thoughts are, can we bring back the student council? These new villains just aren’t working – though they do get a significantly better costume when they transform than any of our heroes. We have twins here people but there hasn’t been a lot of fun playful dialogue between them. They are just cookie cutter copies of each other at the moment and their personality (singular between the two) is irritating. It isn’t even amusingly over the top pretentious.

Cute2Once the boys showed up (with a self-reflective question about whether someone can be a main character if the don’t show up until 8minutes into an episode) things got better. Though I have to wonder what these two were up to:


Yeah, the joke may have definitely run its course. curiosity is the only thing keeping me from totally dropping this but if it doesn’t pick up now that we’ve established our villains I’m going to let this drop next episode.

Cute High Earth Defence Club Love is available on Crunchyroll.

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