Cop Craft Review Episodes 10 – 12


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Cop Craft Episodes 10 -12

The political fray set up in episode 9 continues across all three of these final episodes of Cop Craft with Kei and Tilarna trying to track down the mayoral candidate assassin. This is actually not a bad arc and the story works pretty well and brings some closure from the earlier arc that Zelada featured in and so as an end of season I have to say it works fine. The problem as usual is in the execution with Cop Craft just not being polished enough with anything (characters, writing, animation) to really sell the idea it has. That’s a shame because in a more polished form this particular plot could have really shone.


It also gives Tilarna’s character arc some closure as she gets her head around Earth justice and finds a balance that is going to work for her. She hasn’t gotten there yet but she’s made the choice to stay on Earth and continue to learn and consider. It is nice that the story did get back to this point though it feels like it needed more emphasis as a theme throughout. Particularly when the final episode is called ‘Two Worlds, Two Justices’. It just feels like they needed more build up to this thematically for it to really stick the landing.


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Outside of that though, the support cast get to run around in the background here but ultimately achieve little. While they track down leads and actually investigate stuff, Kei and Tilarna have huge clues and assassinations literally falling into their lap every time they turn around and then the villains do them the favour of collecting them and bringing them to the scene of the final show down. It kind of kills the police procedural feeling though is pretty standard for these kinds of stories where for whatever reason the main character is always where the next murder occurs.

Also, what is with that girl’s legs?

Ultimately, Cop Craft finished much as it started. There’s glimmers of greatness underneath the mediocrity and it is still worth watching if only because I haven’t come across all that many buddy cop style anime. At least we did get a season end that felt like an ending even if the story is ongoing for the characters.


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Images from: Cop Craft. Dir. S Itagaki. Millepensee. 2019.

2 thoughts on “Cop Craft Review Episodes 10 – 12

  1. I’m really glad they closed this one out. I was afraid towards the end that we wouldn’t get any sort of long term resolution. I agree with you, it really should have been better with the story they were working with. While certain aspects soared (I absolutely loved the character designs and that OP was top shelf), most of it felt like it was lacking that final revision and polish that could have made it great.

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