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Cop Craft Episode 8

I actually had to check and see if I’d skipped an episode or something this week. It was like the events of episode 7 just never happened. Instead we see Kei and Tilarna doing a raid at an airport and after Tilarna causes the plane to crash, collecting a box of junk, one item of which is a crossbow that apparently managed to swap Tilarna’s mind with Kuroi (the cat).


If that wasn’t weird enough, in Kei’s wanderings in the second half of the episode while searching for the informant of the plane coming in he comes across the aftermath of a party where among other weird things there’s a goat wearing a crown.


Honestly, I was looking forward to further development on the situation with the political candidate and Tilarna’s sense of justice. Instead we just kind of shove all of that aside and get this kind of deliberately trying to be ‘whacky’ case with a cliché body swap scenario and about the only new thing really brought to the table is that Kei and Tilarna haven’t swapped bodies, she swapped bodies with a cat.  Though, there’s still time as they go looking for the crossbow that caused the swap for other developments and this episode actually said ‘to be continued’ at the end so I guess we won’t just forget this and move on this time (maybe).


The best elements of the episode were probably the ones that got the least attention. We have another organisation representative accosting Kei at the scene and wanting to take ownership of the confiscated items and later Kei confirms with his boss that such a person hasn’t put in a complaint. Which makes you wonder who he actually represented and why he wanted the box.  Also, the music continues to be on point.

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However, this was not a solid episode even by Cop Craft standards and with the disappointment of previous plot and character threads being discarded and the lacklustre narrative filling the void, it mostly fell flat with a few moments that seemed to be trying to steer the anime back on track. Hopefully next week picks up.

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Images from: Cop Craft. Dir. S Itagaki. Millepensee. 2019.

2 thoughts on “Cop Craft Review Episode 8

  1. “However, this was not a solid episode even by Cop Craft standards”

    I don’t think Cop Craft is the worst show to wander from it’s initial premise ever… But yeah, it’s turned underwhelming.

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