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Saw It Coming, It Still Hurt


Cop Craft Episode 7

While episode 6 was a light spoof filled with exploding cars and illegal porn, episode 7 of Cop Craft drops us into the middle of a police operation to bring down a brothel and in the process they happen to snag an influential up-and-coming politician. While there are still some amusing moments in this episode the undeniably bleak turn the episode is going to take, hinted at by the title ‘Girls on Ice’ as well as the basic set-up that screams tragedy in the making looms over this episode giving it a more subdued tone overall.


Subdued doesn’t necessarily mean bad though, and in this case it actually works very well. Tilarna does have a few moments of her usual aggravated self when Kei seems to make light of her efforts as bait in their operation, but by and large Tilarna this week is one who is seeking something new in this life on Earth. She’s made her first real friend but given Zoey’s connections to the case it is a friendship that was fraught with potential conflicts even before it started.


We do however once again see the theme of police being hampered from bringing criminals to justice by policy and procedures while criminals seem to effortlessly avoid being entangled in red tape being laid on incredibly thick. This is where Cop Craft loses me a little. It isn’t that I object to the idea being presented but more that it has all the subtlety of Kei’s bright yellow convertible that he’s currently driving after last week’s effort where he went through two different cars.


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Still, in the quieter character moments, this episode more than made up for its heavy handed efforts elsewhere. The relationship between Zoey and Tilarna is a joy to watch develop and then disintegrate before leaving us with the tragic conclusion that was inevitable from the beginning. All that really remains to be seen is how Tilarna handles the next steps of this case as she is angry and it might be vengeance more than justice that will drive her in the next episode.


I’m looking forward to seeing how Kei deals with this situation and Tilarna’s obvious pain. I’m also kind of hoping the villain this time around proves more than just talk and manages to at least give the pair a good run for their money before they are brought down by our plucky police duo.

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