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Cop Craft Episode 6

After the much darker episode last week, literally dark given it was about a vampire and they had a fight in a subway tunnel, Cop Craft pulls on a lighter tone this week with a reoccurring gag about Tilarna destroying Kei’s car as they try to crack a case of stolen porn magazines. Honestly it shouldn’t work but it really does and honestly this episode just made me smile both from some amusing moments and because of the sweeter moments between the characters where they seemed to reach a genuine understanding.


I love how casual Tilarna was about informing Kei that he’s no longer allergic to cats. The reasoning seems a little convenient but I loved that she waited a whole month before revealing it. On that note though, wasn’t Kei looking for another owner for the cat? What if he’d given it away thinking he was still allergic? Then again, Tilarna seems not to think things all the way through and I’m not sure how much of that can be attributed to her not really understanding how things function in the world and how much is just a natural air-head personality.


The first car chase and subsequent destruction of Kei’s car via the preferred anime method of killing off characters for isekai stories normally, Mr Truck, worked well enough. It kind of reminded me of the police chase early in The 5th Element only this time technically I guess we were supposed to be wanting the police to succeed and the sound track wasn’t quite as good. Still, it was a fun sequence and they waited just long enough to hit us with the punch line as Kei and random street cop discussed the porn magazines and girlfriends.

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We could then see the rest of the episode as extended set up for the final act with an ongoing theme of Kei trying to help Tilarna find a new place to live and Tilarna learning to drive as well as the introduction of Kei’s new car. Certainly they are going through the motions of an investigation but I don’t think anyone is taking it all that seriously. We do however get a bit more acquainted with the other police in the station and get to see Tony’s efforts going undercover.


All and all, it was a really fun episode of Cop Craft. It wasn’t exactly deep and meaningful, though Kei and Tilarna’s relationship continues to develop with ups and downs and feels pretty genuine for two reasonably good people from different backgrounds coming together and remains a strong highlight for this series.

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  1. It’s interesting on what will make a buck over on the other side. Since they don’t have printing press, porn magazine should fetch a good price, and it’ll work without electricity (unlike other porn delivery system that requires electricity).

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