Cop Craft Review Episode 5


We’re Going On A Vampire Hunt


Cop Craft Episode 5

This episode of Cop Craft basically boils down to a bug hunt. Though in this case the bug is a nasty ancient vampire who is incredibly powerful and regenerates after eating so pretty much all damage from previous fights is negated. We also get confirmation that the wizard from the first arc is still alive and has a hand in the underground of the city even if that doesn’t amount to much in this case.


It felt a lot like this episode was broken into a bunch of separate set pieces. We finished the fight in the morgue and then we had some guy in a suit dissing Tilarna’s contribution when Kei and Tilarna’s new boss stepped in and backed her up. Playing the absolute cliché of the chief who is hard on his subordinates but doesn’t take outside criticism. However, this one is a cliché for a reason and it works well here and continues to help establish Tilarna’s presence in the police force.


Next we jump to the scene of a crashed truck because the vampire has apparently eaten the driver. Witnesses say she ran off in one direction however Kei and Tilarna magically cheat their way into locating her position in a mall.

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We then have the hunt through the mall. I will admit there were a few moments of real tension here. When Kei got thrown over the rail and was falling it really looked like that was it for him (realistically it should have been, but let’s buy the whole idea of the ads slowing his descent before he hit the fountain). At least he wasn’t instantly back out, he did need rescuing.


The final sequence takes place in a sub-way tunnel, because why not. It makes for some dramatic lighting as Kei fires various guns at the vampire and then a train comes toward them. It was a pretty thrilling conclusion to the whole vampire on the loose storyline.

They are still doing that thing where in key moments of action going to a still image. Most notably this week when Kei and Tilarna jumped the gates at the subway station. I can’t imagine why just animating them jumping over it would have been difficult or why they couldn’t just skip that altogether and cut to being in the subway if they weren’t going to animate it. It’s all a bit weird and I guess it could be a stylistic choice but it isn’t a great one.


Cop Craft remains a fun cop show with supernatural elements. Visually it really isn’t amazing but the dynamic between Kei and Tilarna just keeps getting better and this episode put some effort into developing characters outside of the main pair within the police force.

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Images from: Cop Craft. Dir. S Itagaki. Millepensee. 2019.

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