Cop Craft Review Episode 4


Poor Visuals But Otherwise Good Fun


Cop Craft Episode 4

I think this episode was perhaps the worst visually for Cop Craft yet and that is saying something given the visuals are perhaps the least impressive part of the show. The music is awesome, the characters are getting a really nice back and forth going and honestly it is working as a pretty good odd-couple buddy-cop story. Yet with the persistent murkiness of the visuals this week it just really struck me that this anime would be a lot more popular if it had a really slick appearance.


Alright, so we kind of wrap up the kidnapped fairy and fairy-bomb incident in the first part of this episode though there’s a loose end hanging in order to contrive a reason for Tilarna to stay on earth and not hop back where she came from. Sure it is a clear contrivance but honestly they had to have some logical reason for her to stay and it was either drag out the fairy case or come up with something utterly random.


However we’re straight into a new situation with Kei and Tilarna working to arrest some guys for something, it wasn’t very clear, and we see once again that Tilarna hasn’t learned the concept of reasonable force as she slices off a guy’s finger. After the inevitable chewing out by Kei’s new superior (that was a quick replacement) they learn that the guys they arrested had a coffin in storage.

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You know, I didn’t see a vampire story coming when I started watching this. It doesn’t feel too left field or ridiculous given the premise but it still kind of caught me off guard.


I will just say that Chapman, Cecil’s assistance in the morgue is perhaps the most body-count-bait characters I’ve ever met. They didn’t even try to make him feel like a character who existed for any purpose outside of revealing the vampire. It was actually a little disappointing.


Still, the core of this show, Kei and Tilarna, just keep getting better and I love how their working relationship is evolving. While there are plenty of things that could be improved about this anime it is remaining pretty fun.

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Images from: Cop Craft. Dir. S Itagaki. Millepensee. 2019.

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