Conception Episode 4: A Touching Story Told Between Lewd Jokes

Conception Episode 4 Pisces

This week we had a really cute but fairly typical anime story. One of the girls Itsuki is supposed to perform the ritual with has some weird anime disease that means she will die young and so she’s got an interesting personality. He of course befriends her and makes her happy in the course of a very short number of meetings, and so they perform the ritual and he moves on with his life to the next girl. I get that doesn’t sound all that cute or sweet, but it is a pretty standard harem move where the guy showers the girl with attention and then she’s just totally fixated with him regardless of any further interaction freeing him to move on to the next girl.


However, the problems come in with how this episode is book-ended and has liberally sprinklings of Mana all the way through it. I honestly have to wonder if there are any fans of Mana out there because he is quite seriously the worst character I’ve ever encountered and every time he shows up on screen or speaks I just keep hoping someone will grab a flame thrower and make him go away for good.


We didn’t get any further development on the whole idea of Star Children or the labyrinth this episode and even Itsuki’s cousin is kind of only there for a cheap joke with Mana at the end. There’s some fourth wall breaking at both beginning and end, but it is kind of done with as much finesse as you would expect from this kind of show.


All and all, there are some good parts in this episode, but Conception remains an anime build around a pretty weak premise that it isn’t really engaging with, and filled with a lot of irritating parts.

6 thoughts on “Conception Episode 4: A Touching Story Told Between Lewd Jokes

  1. I watched the first episode of the show. I liked how it started. I thought it was going to be really good. Maybe I need to watch more. I dunno. I find Mana annoying.

    1. Mana is horribly annoying and I just don’t think this one is ever going to more than a curiosity given it seems determined not to do much with its premise. Still, there are worse shows out there.

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the parts with my favorite new coffin waifu.

    If the #conception_anime hashtag shows anything is that there’s plenty of people who find Mana funny for whatever reason. I admit I’ve laughed at a couple of jokes but for the most part Mana just is obnoxious and stops the pacing of any given scene dead in its tracks.

    1. I’m with you. Even if I liked comedy as a rule, Mana is bringing every single scene he is in to a screeching halt and that is never good no matter how ‘funny’ something might be if it derails the plot and pacing.

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