Conception Episode 3: If We Got Rid of The Tanuki This Would Be Better

Conception Episode 3

I think I’m not dropping this one out of morbid curiosity for just how bad they might end up making some of the writing. Mana, the still not killed Tanuki creature thing with random chains, is definitely joining the list of characters who seem to exist just to be irritating this season. In fact, if we just cut every scene with Mana in it the entire anime here would be so much better.

Conception Episode 3

Still, the story continues along in a predictable manner and now that the gimmick of just sleeping with twelve girls has more or less been proven to not actually be a thing, though innuendo is apparently the writer’s thing, we now have to throw in the gimmick of a threesome just because. It’s all in the name of saving the world and producing star children though I’m kind of hung up on the morality of producing children just to train them to fight in a labyrinth (that and kidnapping from other worlds and forcing twelve girls to take part in a ritual with a more or less complete stranger – so apparently morality is just getting thrown to the side for plot convenience here).

Conception Episode 3

However, where this story might be interesting with the whole defeating impurities in the labyrinth is where it more or less refuses to go. Because why focus on that when you can cut those scenes to throw in more close ups on girls butts or chests (and yes, I know it is that kind of anime so I’m not expecting much more but still the labyrinth looks kind of cool and I’d like to see more). So yeah, this isn’t good but I’m still going to watch it and I’ll probably just pick it apart each week but that’s fine as well.

Conception Episode 3

6 thoughts on “Conception Episode 3: If We Got Rid of The Tanuki This Would Be Better

  1. “Commit to your Premise” is so easy to follow, but so many Animes cannot seem to do it. A mid-tier harem show like Date A Live is good because it goes full in on its premise. So does High School DxD, so does Gundam Build Fighters.

  2. I didn’t drop it because of the non-ecchi plot twist, but I still think this show would have been better if they had just done that in the first place, or gone full force into the double entendres and the like.

    1. I know, they can’t make up their mind about what they want to do and the end result isn’t really satisfying for any audience. If they’d gone for the full-ecchi version I probably would have dropped it because it wouldn’t be for me, but this is actually worse because it isn’t doing much with its other plot elements but isn’t delivering on its premise either.

  3. I will continue to look forward to your autopsies of this series, then.

    Re your list of characters who should be consigned to the paper shredder, who else is on there besides Mana and Mineta?

    1. Kotarou from Zombieland Saga is doing a fine job of making me want to drop him in right after Mineta and I would definitely shove the entire cast of Diabolik Lovers down the shoot, the only question is whether they go before or after Mana?

      1. On that note, I’ll have to do a top 5 list of these characters at some point and figure out who else has ‘earned’ themselves a place on it.

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