Conception Episode 2: Star Children and Labyrinths

Conception Episode 2

Well, the sleazy concept here turns out to be a gimmick at best given despite the premise of guy needs to produce star children with twelve girls and each one needs a ritual that takes place on a large bed and involves the removal of clothes for some reason, there’s really nothing more to it. To be honest, I’m kind of happy Conception didn’t follow through for the simple reason that a lot of the female characters look way too young to be caught up in that kind of thing. But, there’s an issue of the gimmick part of this show being allowed to overtake common sense. Not explaining the ritual fully to Itsuki, or the dangers of the Labyrinth just kind of make it all seem like they are desperate to make some fairly dull viewing seem in anyway compelling.

Conception Episode 2
All these character designs and yet one identical face and each one so far as uninspired a character as they come.

And yes, I did just call a show that begins with a child being produced (somehow), goes to a flower viewing sequence before yet another child is produced between the same guy and a different girl before switching to the labyrinth where both said star children get hit and turned into what look like Russian dolls before Itsuki skedaddles, dull. At the thirteen minute mark I was checking the episode time convinced it had to be nearly over only to realise that was the half-way mark.

Conception Episode 2

And what really annoys, is that under all the ridiculous trappings, there is actually something resembling an interesting plot. The visitor from another world having to defeat the labyrinth is actually kind of fine and if the girls could just entrust him with some ancient weapon of something rather than producing star kids, we could cut a lot of nonsense out and just have Itsuki win their trust, receive the whatevers, and then enter the labyrinth and go and defeat some impurity. But no, we have endless fan-service fuelled moments that by themselves aren’t bad, but they are poorly executed and seem to miss their timing more often than not. And that tanuki still hasn’t found a paper shredder to run himself through.

Conception Episode 2
And there’s never a nail gun around when you need one.

I’m giving this one more episode for the simple fact that I want to see if Itsuki is actually going to come up with a plan now that he’s been in the labyrinth though I’m not holding my breath for finishing this one.

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