Conception Episode 1: We Can’t Accuse Them Of Being Subtle Here


In fairness to this anime, I knew going in that this was a harem, fantasy about a guy who literally needs to sleep with twelve girls to produce special children to save the world. I wasn’t exactly expecting much and the first few moments of silhouetted girls in awkward poses fairly much confirmed what you would expect this show to be. I also had Cactus Matt’s review read before going in so again knew more or less what I was choosing to watch.


That said, despite the fact that this is undeniably trashy, and fairly poor quality trashy as well, I didn’t hate the first episode. I’m not exactly going to mount a defence of this show as some undiscovered gem because to be perfectly frank there’s some lazy animation and short cuts going on even in the first episode that make you feel like they just don’t care (either that or they assume their target audience will watch anyway, though if that’s the case you think they’d go out of their way not to jump over the scene where they actually follow through on their premise and the guy apparently has sex with girl number 1).


This isn’t an instant drop from me because I actually kind of like the matter of fact way the main guy has taken things so far and that he does seem to actually want to look after his cousin and get her home so despite the questionable subject matter and the lewd flying tanuki who I am kind of hoping has a close encounter with a paper shredder, I’m at least game for a second episode (and believe me even I’m surprised by that).


7 thoughts on “Conception Episode 1: We Can’t Accuse Them Of Being Subtle Here

  1. I literally had zero idea what was coming when I watched this. Won’t be watching it further, but do let me know if the tanuki meets a slow and horrible demise, as I may then reconsider.

  2. Yeah the protagonist was both refreshingly frank with how he’s okay with sex (which seems rare for harem protagonists who are usually bumbling and awkward) plus he seems like a genuine enough guy. It’ll be interesting to see if the show and the character can keep it up (pun intended) going forward.

    1. I’m still not liking my chance of watching all of this but for the sheer novelty I’m going to give it a little longer and see how it goes.

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