Comet Lucifer Series Review

As it is a whole series, I’m not going to limit myself to 100 words.

I recently had the chance to binge watch this series. Going to be honest, there are spoilers below.


Sougo likes to collect crystals (due to some hand-up about his mother’s unfinished work). One day he gets knocked down and wakes up to find a red crystal in his hand. Rather than ponder how this happened he races home. Through a series of events that do not hold up under any kind of logical scrutiny, Sougo and his friend Kaon get knocked into some underground chamber where the rest of the red crystal is which explodes and releases a girl with blue hair. All of that happens in the first episode and then the rest of the story seems to revolve around Sougo helping blue hair and there’s some stuff about angels, the military, and the power of love.


As you may have guessed from my slightly sarcastic overview I am not a major fan of this series. Which is a shame because individual episodes within it are quite good but the mangled mess of motives, back-story and world building just keep interfering with them telling an actual story that you can enjoy.

The problems begin with Sougo and Felia (mysterious blue haired girl). He catches her when she falls out the crystal, gets some weird crest on his hand (how is never explained) and somehow they are now destined to fall in love and save the world. And while the first-guy-they-meet-is-their-destined-one ploy has been used endlessly and shouldn’t really be cause for complaint, here it really leaves the entire premise open for question. If the crest on Sougo’s hand is actually the key to Felia’s power then shouldn’t the planet have been unable to support life prior to his unlocking her power which would have made it impossible for him to have even been born? And if the crest had previously been elsewhere and somehow bestowed upon Sougo, shouldn’t that have been explained as it would be a significant point.

And even if you can get over the plot making no sense after any thought, the absolutely shallow characterisation of Kaon and Roman (two of Sougo’s apparent classmates) is more than enough to put me off this series. Kaon is Sougo’s childhood friend so cue endless support and pep-talks, brazen statements followed by blushes, and occasional contrary outbursts. Roman’s in love with Kaon and seems occasionally jealous of Sougo but is mostly just a good-old-guy who will follow Kaon and Sougo into life threatening situations, ignore the fact that Kaon is entirely focussed on another guy and once she finally decides she’s ready to move on will just forgive her absolute refusal to even consider him prior. Long sentence, but really annoying.

The villains of the piece have no purpose. The writers themselves seemed to have realised this mid-way along and shift one of the villains motive twice. First from just wanting a good fight, to wanting a rematch with his old mentor, to wanting to avenge his mentor. Seriously? You can’t just keep pointing the blunt instrument at whatever you need attacked and expect the audience to go, okay, now he’s fighting those guys.

Then we have the finale of planets colliding and, to be perfectly frank, I still don’t know how that situation was resolved. Somehow it was. And all our teenage protagonists go about their lives having learned very little and their relationships essentially where they started.

To put a few positives in here, the artwork is very pretty. There are some really nice effects with light and water in some scenes. The wind effect toward the end is also quite nicely done. The music is dramatic but unremarkable and the opening and end-credits much the same. And, the most obvious positive – I watched this through to the end. Even with all my niggles about plot and characters, I was engrossed enough in wanting to know how they were going to resolve the highly flawed plot that no matter how irritated I felt at times, I couldn’t have turned it off. It moves at a good pace, plenty of scene changes, and a good balance of cutesy teens on a ‘road trip’ versus mediocre giant robot fights.

Lastly, whoever decided that a green caterpillar thing could be mistaken for a stone, really needs to have another look at the anime. Sorry, not a stone.



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  1. The OP for this show is 10/10. fhana knocked it out of the park (as they always do) and delivered a seriously awesome song.

    I watched the show for the song alone. I liked the first episode and dropped it 2 later. Not very good.

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