Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 9: Rallying the Troops



Right, so we still don’t actually know what Code Realize is, other than a plot to destroy the world for reasons unknown. And we still don’t know what Idea is actually up to or what they think the ‘correct’ course is for humanity, other than they think killing Cardia is a step in the right direction. But we have learned that we should never, ever let an anime doctor perform first aid given the state the troops were in as they prepared to go to battle. Why a bandage would be wrapped around the outside of shirt, jacket and everything else is entirely beyond me.


Basically this episode consolidates each of the main guys in Cardia’s harem (even though clearly we have a Cardia/Lupin pairing going on). Saint gives Cardia poison to kill herself with and then does some soul searching before returning at the end. Each of the other characters voice doubts, motives, other random bits of exposition with a few lame jokes, and Lupin recovers from being shot multiple times (by lying on the side with the arm that has the bullet wound – logical) and then they all come together for a pep talk.


I didn’t actually dislike this episode. It is just more of the same for this show. It goes through the motions and is watchable enough but nothing exceptional or particularly noteworthy.

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