Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 8: The Enemy of My Enemy



For an episode that actually had a pretty dramatic ending (predictable but still dramatic) the rest of this episode just kind of felt like it was going through the motions. London is burning, soldiers are rebelling, and Cardia and Lupin return, reunite with the others and decide to save the Queen.


I don’t know why Cardia and Lupin had to return and reunite with everyone before that could happen but I guess it worked out better than what the other guys were doing before they reunited which seemed to be nothing except staring around and terrifying already terrified deserters from the army.


Finis remained a cackling cliché of an unthreatening villain spouting various threats and declarations in between cackles but still accomplishing almost nothing as the group slip through his fingers yet again.


All and all, pretty ordinary. And yet, Saint finally gets a little bit of a story in this episode and while it wasn’t unexpected, it turned out to be more interesting than anticipated. More importantly, it set up that fairly dramatic ending. Now I don’t doubt that this show will squander most of that drama with an overly simplified conclusion to the scenario in the next episode, but at least it let the episode end on a high note.

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