Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 7: Is Finis Relevant?



This episode begins with a recap of Finis tormenting Cardia in his own internal monologue and ends with him laughing maniacally, but I have to wonder what purpose he actually serves. It is Cardia and Finis’ father who actually has the terrorist plot that we are slowly closing in on. Finis at this point seems more like a side-show. The child who didn’t get enough attention and is blowing things up with a ‘look at me’ mentality. Maybe he’ll prove to be more than a distraction but I just don’t see how at this point.

Code7bThis episode instead focussed first on Cardia returning to a place from her past and being confronted by a mob of villagers stirred up by a priest who act exactly how you would expect them to in this kind of setting. This is where we do actually get a step closer to the plot which is a welcome relief at this point. Then we move on to Lupin’s tragic back story because despite being fairly prominent thus far, he was a character we knew very little about.


Anyway, Lupin is bringing Cardia back to London and that’s where we see that Finis has made his move. Not sure what burning London down accomplishes but he seems pretty pleased with himself. All and all, this episode is about what you would expect if you’ve watched up to this point. Neither particularly good or bad to be honest.

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