Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 6: What Did They Do To Nemo?



Well, this is kind of Impey’s episode, but unsurprisingly he’s pretty boring as a character so instead of really delving into who he is (other than a dreamer who wants to go to the moon) we’ll spend the episode preparing for and then participating in an air-race with a stolen airship. This will go well, I’m sure.


In case you are wondering, this episode is pretty much entirely skippable save for the after credits reveal which I won’t say anything about, where they finally seem to want to actually advance the main plot line.

So unless you have some burning desire to see Nemo cackling away for some completely unknown reason…

I’d ask what this is supposed to be but I’m afraid someone might answer.

Anyway, this show has a bad habit of having characters saying what I’m thinking and Van get’s the prize for that this week.


All and all, not much to see here.

Thanks for reading.

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