Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 4: Just a Few Holes in the Plan



While this show is obviously not trying to be a super spy thriller  (quite obviously so), this episode still made me raise my eyebrows more often than I would like as I struggled to ignore lapses in logic that were just trying to throw me out of what was an otherwise enjoyable romp (even if not a realistic one). But before I get to that, basically we finally see the attempted train job where they want to abduct Finis and it goes about as well as you would expect such a plan to go this early in a series.


The actual train job itself is fun to watch but you really can’t spend too much time thinking or it all kind of falls apart. Firstly, what is with the plans they are looking at in the mansion? Basically it is the drawing of the outside of a train carriage. It isn’t a map of the tracks, nor a detailed view of the carriage interior. There aren’t even enough carriages for them to be mapping out who is going to be where. Yet all the characters gather around and stare at it as they discuss their plans like it has any kind of significance.

Secondly, what did Cardia think her role was? She seemed totally surprised when Lupin passed her the explosive and told her to take care of the decoupling. Given she served no other purpose in the plan up to that point, what exactly did she think she was accomplishing other than escorting Lupin? Admittedly, they could have made that work if Lupin had given her the explosives after being confronted by the hilariously named Herlock Sholmes and Lupin was improvising but he gave her the explosive and the explanation before that as though it had always been his plan. If Lupin had always planned it, why wasn’t Cardia in on it? Seems weird to suddenly thrust that on her mid-job.


There’s a couple of other bits and pieces but the biggest one is the flying contraption thing that originally carries Lupin with Impey flying and Lupin comments on its shakiness to which Impey points out it is only designed to carry one. Then at the end we have Impey flying, Lupin hanging from a ladder carrying Cardia in his arms and Van holding onto the end of the ladder and yet no issues flying away from the air ship. Um… If it was shaking with two and you add an additional two common sense would suggest the thing shouldn’t still be in the air.

None of this really stops the episode being fun because we get to see all the characters in action and Cardia actually doesn’t repeat anything back to anyone this episode as a question so has come a long way in the last three episodes. It is good fun, just not logical.

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4 thoughts on “Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 4: Just a Few Holes in the Plan

  1. yep…literally had the exact same thought at the end. that ornithopter’s carrying two extra people just fine even though the addition of lupin was enough to throw it off

    also, the fact that van’s scene on the train top was literally a copy of the scene from the OP really bugged me. and really? herlock sholmes?

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