Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 3: Well I Guess We Had To Expect Vampires



It didn’t really click last week given the nature of this show but I guess when you introduce Van Helsing into your mix of characters, having vampires actually be real and show up in the story just makes sense. And then making Cardia see herself as the lonely monster reflected by the orphan vampire boy… Well, it all makes sense even if it does lead to a little bit of eye rolling.


They are also working to make Van seem like a tragic character given he has so little other personality at the moment. When all else fails, kill off his entire family after forcing him to kill innocent vampires. That will really hit the audience empathy button.


In fairness, it worked pretty well and by the final scene where Van is training Cardia for the upcoming mission against Twilight, you kind of do have a bit of sympathy for Van and his cause. What did bother me was that they set up this episode by planning to attack a train and the whole vampire story was just a training exercise for Cardia so it made this feel like filler while we delayed getting to the actual story. This story felt like it deserved better than to be squeezed in as training filler.

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