Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 10: I Guess We’re Building to a Climax



I guess this is what happens when your story has everything it needs and yet still falls pretty flat. While some people might really be enjoying this I just found this episode (much like most of the series so far) incredibly paint by numbers and just kind of soulless. We have the heroes doing that thing as they run toward the final battle where lesser members of the crew keep peeling off to hold back the enemy.


Maybe if I’d cared about Drac’s character or, well, anything this could be touching and dramatic but mostly it was pretty much just a matter of side character E now stops to…


Van get’s a few moments this episode mostly just to remind us that he’s never really been on board with the rest of the crew because he has his own revenge thing going on. Still, even he realises how pathetic that is mid-way through the episode and I wonder if we’ll hear about it again or whether that’s kind of been given its token screen time and done.


Lastly, we get the over the top revelation of Code Realize and accompanied by Finis’ best impression of a villain’s cackling laughter and the end result just left me shrugging my shoulders. There’s not one thing inherently wrong with this episode and not a single thing to actually get me to care about what happens next.

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