Code Realize Episode 5: Fran Get’s His Angsty Back Story



Something I will never ever understand is why so many writers feel that every character needs a tragedy in their back story. Some people could just have normal lives until the event that is occurring in the story. They don’t all need to have overcome multiple tragedies prior to the story in order to be interesting.


So having safely established that Van has a dark and angsty back story and now that he’s helping Cardia he is slowly healing even while harbouring towering resentment, this week we get treated to Fran’s dark past as an alchemist for the state. I’m kind of indifferent to his history during the Vampire wars but I did like that Cardia was proactive during most of this episode. She follows Fran, engages in an actual conversation with him, and at the end lays many of his fears to rest. It is almost as though she has thrown off blank slate protagonist mode and become a real character. Almost. She’s still a little dull but at least she is taking an active role here.


Still, four soldiers being unable to shoot fleeing targets in a straight alley, no matter how bad the guns were back then, is just a little pathetic. Again with incompetent trained soldiers or at least having to really suspend any kind of logical thought. The alley isn’t that wide so even if they can’t shoot straight you would think four of them would manage to hit something.


I wonder what they will get up to next now that the whole train issue is resolved and swept under the rug.

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