Clean Freak Aoyama-Kun Episodes 2 + 3: Cute Bat, Crazy Girl


Review Episode 2:

Part of the reason I don’t like comedy all that much is because jokes get progressively less funny with the retelling and when you can see the punch line coming. Aoyama-Kun hits us with some gags that you can see coming from a mile away and, in one case, the near half episode that they dragged out the joke until the inevitable conclusion was kind of painful even if there were some interesting parts along the way.


Despite many of the jokes not really working for me, I still find this show kind of interesting even while I’m mostly just kind of marking time and waiting for it to get to the next thing. Aoyama-Kun is an interesting enough protagonist, though perhaps calling him the protagonist is wrong in this instance given he’s the least active participant in the story. The action revolves around his existence and he is more a spectator upon the weirdness that surrounds him.


I kind of liked the inclusion of the female manager and at least she’s openly stalking Aoyama now instead of hiding in the background. That was kind of getting old and I’m only two episodes into it.

Review Episode 3:


The first part of this episode bored me to tears. Partly because guy who likes to show his abs off from the first episode showed up again and then there was some random food eating contest while Aoyama sat and polished the cutlery. It was all so incredibly pointless and even the other characters admitted that so it just felt like filler and not particularly inspired filler.


The second half of the episode we got to watch another match and Aoyama is really kind of cool to watch. Completely unrealistic, but cool. You can almost understand his horde or fans when you see him on the field. This second half was much more entertaining even if it was pretty predictable what the outcome of both the match and Aoyama’s team-mates attempt to hug him at the end.

That’s probably another thing I need to mention. Three episodes in and I cannot remember a single name other than Aoyama’s and that’s because it’s in the title and someone screams it almost every five minutes. Every other character is just kind of there. So, still watching this but it really is a forgettable experience all up.

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