Clean Freak Aoyama-Kun Episodes 4 + 5: They’re Multiplying


Review Episode 4:

With the exception of one ball being used as a projectile weapon inside a game world, there was absolutely zero soccer involved in this episode. Instead we mostly follow the internal thoughts of a guy named Narita who apparently is also a clean freak but has chosen to try to conceal the fact and keep things around him clean through subterfuge.


Not sure exactly what the point of this episode was other than showing the contrast of how people in the class treat Aoyama when they know he’s a clean freak compared to the almost daily trauma they inflict on the guy they don’t know about. And the random cooking competition mid-episode was just that: totally random.


Despite everything going on, Aoyama remains his usual self although we do get a glimpse of what he might be like in a world without germs in the few instances we see his virtual avatar inside the game. Again, not sure what the point is but it wasn’t exactly unpleasant to watch either.

Review Episode 5:

Well, we’re back to playing soccer and now one of the idiots on the team gets a focus. Apparently he was bullied in middle school and… you know, his story’s kind of boring and I never really did care about his character before this episode and nothing during the episode really turned that around.


There’s a whole message about teams winning or losing together and then there’s a power of friendship thing going on. Basically, wrap up any feel good message and drop it into the story with a few cheap jokes (though I didn’t mind when the guy randomly turned into a cat in the toilet and destroyed the toilet paper roll).


I will point out that Aoyama’s fans remain as annoying as ever and to be honest I don’t know how he puts up with that on a daily basis. But at least we will never forget the title character’s name.


This one is wearing a little thin for me at this point.

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3 thoughts on “Clean Freak Aoyama-Kun Episodes 4 + 5: They’re Multiplying

  1. It may be wearing thing fo ryou but when I read these I’m just like this show sounds so bizarrely entertaining I need to see this rotfl. I love wonky off tghe wall comedy though and this sounds really up my alley with that.

    1. I’m just amazed I haven’t dropped it. I really expected this show to be dropped by episode 3 and yet even though I don’t think it is brilliant, it is kind of entertaining.

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