Clean Freak Aoyama Kun Episode 1: This Is Going To Get Old Fast



Aoyama kun is a hot, young soccer prodigy who plays midfielder for the National U-16 Soccer Team. But he’s also an extreme germaphobe!

– From Crunchyroll.


I’m thinking the only reason I didn’t drop this the third time a girl gushed over Aoyama’s classroom cleaning was because I tried this after two other shows that I dropped mid-episode 1. By comparison this was watchable but hardly what I would describe as good.


While there are some moments that made me smile and a couple of moments on the soccer field that are kind of cool, so far Aoyama as a main character has left me feeling rather indifferent due to lack of any apparent personality other than not liking germs and wanting to play soccer and the other soccer players just seem to have one note personalities so far. Maybe this will all get fleshed out and this might become something  that is kind of okay but I kind of feel like this one is going to set into a fairly standard routine of what will become increasingly stale comedy.


I’m not dropping it yet but I don’t see me sticking out a whole season unless there’s a serious improvement.

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11 thoughts on “Clean Freak Aoyama Kun Episode 1: This Is Going To Get Old Fast

  1. This has been on my radar to try to watch but I just haven’t committed to trying it out. I’m turn with this because I def think it COULD be interesting depending on how the develop his character but this first episode doesn’t inspire much confidence XD I’ll have to read how the rest of your reviews panned out!

    1. It’s neither been particularly good or bad. It just kind of is with some episodes being more amusing than others. They definitley haven’t been interested in actually developing a character as it is more just situations that are going on, but a couple of episodes have actually been quite interesting in giving us some insight into Aoyama.

      1. Hmmmm…. with so many anime on my list to watch I feel like this had really fallen down the priority list tbh with the reviews I’ve read so far.

  2. Kimmie had the same opinion as you after one episode, but she tends to try things out for a little while at least.

    Aoyama is a single gimmick concept, at least on paper the same setup as “Tanaka kun is Always Listless.” His aversion to dirty things is guaranteed to carry on all season.

    The show’s saving grace may come from the other characters though. Ep 1 had a heavy focus on the team captain guy, and ep 2 (or 3?) is a lot more about the girl that likes Aoyama. If the show is more about how he affects people there may be some substance but so far this show has been a miss for us.

    1. I’m now at episode 3, I’m still not dropping, but I’m not recommending either. I actually do like the girl who likes Aoyama (she is kind of crazy but her bat is really cute).

  3. I agree with Raistlin san, I have no interest in starting this manga.
    Talking about football manga/anime, perhaps you have tried Area no Kishi?
    I recommend that one, it’s really great.

    1. I’ve got very little history with sports anything so other than the few sport anime I’ve reviewed on the blog I’ve not watched any. I have however been taking recommendations since I’m slowly trying the genre so I’ll add yours to the list.

  4. Hmm, well after reading this, I’m not even mildly curious for it at all lol 😂 Unless Crunchyroll stops working, and this is the only show still on offer, I might give this a shot. (Yeah, that will never happen 😊).

    1. I think it is all subjective. If I’d watched this after Princess Principal, I’d have dropped it halfway through the episode. But, I watched this after trying Aho Girl and Battle Girl High School and it was so much better than either of those. That still probably isn’t a great sales pitch and as I said, I don’t know that I’ll make it through the whole season, but I’ve been reading the reviews others have done of the next few episodes and I’m kind of hopeful it will at least not get any worse.

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