ClassicaLoid Episode 1

Well, we are inbetween seasons so I’m just checking out first episodes of shows I passed over this Autumn. Here are my thoughts on this gem.


No. Absolutely not. I have no idea who came up with this idea but no.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t make it through the whole first episode of this so maybe it settles into something watchable but if this had been on my watch list this season I would have placed it below Bloodivores from what I saw this episode and to be honest, while I made it through Taboo Tattoo, I would most definitely have dropped this show after this trainwreck of an introduction. What’s actually wrong with it? Between over the top attempts at comedy, mashing classical music with modern, and just the sheer amount of effort this show puts in to making things ‘look cool’ while failing at doing so, it’s just painful to watch. It’s like watching your niece do ballet when they are dreadful. You just sit there with this forced smile on your face, knowing the time they put into it, but they suck (this is not based on a real life experience but merely a way of explaining how I feel about this show – though there is no need for a forced smile while watching this).

Okay, done and moving on.

ClassicaLoid is available on AnimeLab.

6 thoughts on “ClassicaLoid Episode 1

  1. I love this show, but I’m totally into things just being zany and wacky for the sake of it. It’s definitely not something I would have expected you to enjoy. I think Classicaloid is a bit of a polarising anime; rather like licorice, it’s either very much to your taste (I’m not the only one who’s been finding it very fun), or you think it’s one of the most unbearable things in existence.

  2. I keep seeing reviews of this show that are on the opposite ends. The premise doesn’t really appeal to me but it’s pretty unique. Pity that it’s disappointing.

    1. I think this is one that will either instantly appeal to your sense of humour or not and your experience will entirely dependent on that. Obviously it didn’t really appeal to me.

  3. I’m sorry you didn’t get the same enjoyment out of this series that I did, but if you didn’t like the first ep, you would have most likely not enjoyed the rest of the show as the tone does not really change. I myself loved the series lol but then again I seem to always have a hard time getting into most ‘popular’ anime

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