Chronos Ruler Series Review: Cool Concept Does Not Equal Good Story



Time eating demons have stolen Victor’s time leaving him looking younger and without memories of the past 12 years. Together with his son they are hunting the demon that ate his time in order to get it back.


This actually should have been kind of fun. Two guys with weapons that can slow down and speed up the time of particular objects (Kiri uses water and Victor uses a deck of cards) to fight horologues (time eating demons) that target people with regrets who want to turn back time. It all sounds like it should be kind of fun to watch.


Then we get the reality where Victor is the particular kind of annoying protagonist that is ridiculously cocky in his own abilities so acts like a complete fool almost 100% of the time. Never taking anything seriously, drinking, hanging out with girls, teasing his son, he’s basically incredibly annoying in every single scene. That I could probably overlook given a lot of the early focus in on Kiri who plays the straight man of the duo. The son forced to deal with the fact that his father barely remembers anything about him and to also deal with the fact that his father acts like a three year old fairly continuously. Except that the series then wants us to take Victor’s plight seriously and the entire final arc asks us to start seeing Victor as a good guy. Sorry. Too late. I have no empathy for the character and I want him to get eaten.


This is kind of the problem with the whole show. It wants to have those serious emotional moments but the characters have not been presented to the audience in a way that makes them plausible. It wants the villains to have weight and feel threatening but has spent too long with the characters playing the fool for us to actually believe the villains they fight are any kind of real threat. There’s no balance between the comedic moments and the more serious moments and the writing doesn’t lend itself to having the audience really looking for much from this series given the plot just kind of drifts along with no sense of urgency at all and villains appear for no reason other than to inject a fight sequence and then disappear with no consequence.


Basically this show is built around an idea that is very cool and could be really fun to watch. The group of Chronos Rulers could have been really awesome and we could have had a nice and simple linear narrative fighting some opposing force. Instead we follow Victor and Kiri, and later Mina and Blaze, as they wander about looking for a character’s memories when they’ve given us no reason to be invested in that quest. We learn nothing about the greater war that is going on or any of the other characters, though their brief appearances suggest that knowing less in this case is probably a good thing.


For most of the season this show dropped into the They Made This category and I stand by that placement. Though this show could have built something quite interesting it was held back by poor characters and writing and ultimately wasn’t all that enjoyable to watch. Even the time manipulation element which at first was kind of interesting, never went anywhere as characters just used the same basic attacks over and over again.

I’d love to know your thoughts if you watched this show last season.

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Karandi James.


8 thoughts on “Chronos Ruler Series Review: Cool Concept Does Not Equal Good Story

  1. I felt so bad for Kiri whenever I watched this. His father is annoying and his mom seems like she hates his very existence. He tries so hard to fix things, only to be faced with more hardships from the two idiots. I was glad he got a friend with Blaze, but still.

    This show could have been great and it did have a lot of potential, but it felt like it was trying to be cool for the sake of being cool. Instead of cool, with a proper set of characters and story.

  2. I think this show’s quite tolerable in the beginning (I think I called it “a poor man’s Bungo Stray Dogs” at the end of episode 1), but the CGI and camera angles during fights are questionable, to say the least.

    There’s also a certain scene in episode 2 I like to complain about where Victo is missing the orb in his chest, and if the animators don’t give a flip about the consistency of the show, then neither can I. Even if the excuse is “eye candy”, whoever’s responsible for this should at least try to keep the plot-relevant stuff…

  3. This show wasn’t the greatest but it also isn’t the worst I’ve seen. I thought it was okay. I enjoyed some elements of the show but pretty much agree with what you have to say Karandi. I wish it would have been better! It had a lot of potential with the premise but of course it fell flat.

  4. That certainly was disappointing. When I read the plot, I thought “Hey, this show sound pretty cool!”. Nothing can be more disappointing than something that has a legitimately unique concept, but the execution is handled poorly.

    1. I found it incredibly disappointing. The first episodes weren’t great, but they introduced a cool concept and it looked like it could do something interesting. But yeah, the execution definitely left a lot to be desired.

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