Chronos Ruler Episodes 2 + 3: Why Is Kiri Trying to Save Victo?


Review Episode 2:

This episode gives us a lot of information but a lot of it could be considered disinformation so I’m kind of waiting for the next episode to confirm anything that we’ve been told. That said, Victo is a seriously annoying character. He may have had his time eaten and regressed but I cannot believe Kiri hasn’t actually tried taking his head off with his sword yet.


Outside of Kiri and Victo, we have a gambling town where everyone is desperate and a giant white horologue shows up and eats quite a lot of people’s time before Kiri and Victo give it a fight. Then a random girl shows up insisting she’s Victo’s wife and she essentially manipulates everything from that point forward. Not sure if Victo is just playing along for the fun of it and he’s actually aware of her less than honourable intentions, or maybe she actually is telling at least partially the truth. All I know for sure is that she’s a more annoying character than Victo (and what is with that outfit) and the two of them ganging up on Kiri was just kind of mean. I desperately wanted Kiri to push them out of the train.

Review Episode 3:

Well, that went well.


I’m not really sure what the organisation was hoping to achieve but they kind of failed miserably at everything which more or less explains why they aren’t winning the war against the horologues. That and you have idiots who say stuff like this:


Despite the poor comedy, terrible pacing, and generally bad writing, I found myself kind of enjoying this episode. Victo actually sort of took this seriously and ceased to be annoying for half an episode and then we may or may not have met the god of time. That could be kind of cool. Also, turns out that while Mina might work for the idiotic organisation, her enthusiasm for Victo was genuine.


So, despite my misgivings that this is just going to end up being another waste of my time, I’m plunging on with this story and kind of hoping that Victo grows up (both literally and figuratively) and that maybe Kiri lightens up just a little.

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