Chronos Ruler Episode 9: Victo Finally Got Slapped, by Himself



So this week the Kiri, Blaze, and the maybe wife of Victo are running around the forest fighting a snake. That is literally the entire part of their role this week because they just kind of drag it out intercut with scenes of Victo dealing with his family issues. The snake runs, they chase, short confrontation, continue.


While there’s some okay dialogue between the group, there’s zero plot development happening here until the end of the episode where they discover a wall. So basically this whole episode could be wrapped up in about two minutes if they’d just done it.


But Victo is still playing house and ends up involved in a situation where young Victo has to give his mother blood for a transfusion because it is a super rare blood type and so young Victo misses an exam and blah, blah, blah… Once again, I would care more if they hadn’t spent the majority of this show making Victo a complete jerk. And young Victo is worse. Not even a little upset when older Victo slapped him sideways, though not supporting violence against children.

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