Chronos Ruler Episode 8: Playing in the Past



Well whoever is doing the subs on this one finally decided that Victo was meant to be Victor and so we now have the name change. Unfortunately this coincided with the episode that decided it also wanted the audience to start taking his character a little more seriously as we delve into his past, quite literally. Yet, it is a little bit too late to ask me to care about Victo/Victor or whoever else he might be given he’s been a flake and pain all the way throughout the series.


Basically the group finally made it to Victo’s home town and of course for some reason time has reversed and there are Victo’s parents and himself as a five year old, pre-tragic fire and back story that they’ve only just bothered to tell us. Wasn’t it enough that he lost all his adult memories we now learn his few childhood memories are of tragedy? No wonder the guy acts the clown all the time but that doesn’t make him any better to watch. More importantly, Kiri has had to put up with Victo as a father and you have to admit an amnesiac who looks and acts younger than you isn’t exactly a glowing role model.


All and all, this episode tries for a more serious tone at times but doesn’t hit the mark and then ruins its own attempt by a few incredibly lame gags. It is watchable but that’s about all you can say for it.

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3 thoughts on “Chronos Ruler Episode 8: Playing in the Past

  1. When I browsed this season’s offerings, this was one of the shows that stood out to me. But after following your reviews this far, I’m starting to think time spent on this would be better spent doing productive things like watching grass grow.

    1. I think my biggest issue with it is they have something that could be really dramatic and they decided to go with a more ‘comedic’ tone and that just isn’t appealing to me and the result of all the attempts at ‘comedy’ are characters who are really, really annoying.

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