Chronos Ruler Episode 7: Why Am I Still Watching This?



You know, there’s something to be said for knowing when to cut your losses and if I was a sensible person, I’d be cutting Chronos Ruler from my watch list. It has never been particularly good but there was at least the hopeful notion that it might do something really interesting with the time manipulation aspects. However, the fight sequences have now become rinse and repeat of harden the element with slow down and then fling it at the enemy with speed up. All and all, Kiri actually gets it right.


And that’s the other issue with the show. It is trying really hard to be cool and just walks along the edge of the characters being self-aware of their tropes, but it doesn’t commit to actually being self-aware and it just isn’t good enough to pull off being cool.


All and all, this show is pretty ordinary. It hasn’t offered anything that anime fans haven’t seen before and done better and it is becoming increasingly clear that it has no interest in developing its own gimmick. Despite this, I’ll probably watch the next episode and still complain about it even knowing what I’m likely to get.

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2 thoughts on “Chronos Ruler Episode 7: Why Am I Still Watching This?

  1. Haha I’m still watching it just because I want to see what happens. It had a LOT of promise but you are right when you say “it’s trying too hard to be cool.” I do like the comedy aspects of it though.

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