Chronos Ruler Episode 10: Let’s Experiment



Hey, this show might actually get to a plot before it finishes. We’re finally finding out about Mina a bit and Victo’s past and we’ve finally actually met the Horologue they’ve been trying to find since the beginning. While it isn’t doing all that much different this week as we still have the group fighting in the forest while random stranger taunts Victo by explaining in detail how it has been using his home town as the site for various experiments, somehow, it felt more satisfying this time round.


I’m not saying this makes up for week’s of mediocre to poor storytelling and characterisation but at least it made me happy I didn’t drop it as it might end up being okayish.


Plus, the villain here is kind of interesting. I actually do want to see where they go with this. Of course, if they just cut him down next episode in about two seconds, I’m going to be a bit put out by that.

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Karandi James.


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