Chronos Ruler Episode 1: They’re Like A Less Useful Version of Dr Who



I don’t have anything for this one. No write up on Crunchyroll where I watched it and I didn’t have any information going in. Basically two guys who can slow down and speed up time are fighting some demons who apparently eat human time and that’s all I’ve got so far.


This episode couldn’t really pick a tone. It didn’t know if it wanted to be a slapstick comedy at times, a dark and edgy fantasy piece, or an action story, and the end result is kind of uncomfortable to watch even while there are some good moments in amongst the clutter. Unfortunately this show is definitely giving in to the worst trait of so many fantasy and science fiction stories in that they are trying to be mysterious for the sake of it, and then our protagonists end up monologuing mid-battle to explain a whole bunch of stuff that could have been said ealier.


Still, there could be something in this story so I’ll give it another episode or two. If nothing else, the time eating demons are kind of cool to look at and the time manipulation element is kind of interesting, even if they’ve made it clear no actual time travel is going to take place.


Whether I stick this one out for the season really depends on how the story unfolds from here.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “Chronos Ruler Episode 1: They’re Like A Less Useful Version of Dr Who

  1. I just want to apologize; I read almost all of your posts, but I always read them in my e-mail and thus don’t give you the hits you deserve. You’ve got a great blog!

    1. I actually don’t know if this has a manga. It is kind of interesting but at the same time kind of not great. I’m hoping it finds itself and ends up being interesting.

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