Chronos Ruler Episode 11: What is a Fight Without a Twist?



Last week set up three separate fights for this week and episode 11 delivered but my question becomes, why bother? When all three fights follow the exact same pattern of one guy gets the upper hand and monologues about their amazing technique before they go for the kill and the other guy does the exact same thing with a smug self-satisfied look, it all just becomes pretty tedious. Not to mention, we don’t know enough about how any of the powers in this show work to know whether or not what the villains are doing is even vaguely plausible so there is no shock factor in these twists.


That isn’t to say the action itself isn’t good. The fights are decent enough. Not exactly something to rave about but there have certainly been worse fight animations in anime.


And at least the fight that Kiri has jumped into seems to have taken a more serious turn. I wish I could actually be invested in that fight but there’s pretty much no way they are actually going to kill Kiri so I assume Victo will get over his issues next episode and save him.


I am kind of glad they’ve stopped translating Victo as Victor, but for the purpose of consistency I’m not changing his name in my reviews. That said, one of the final lines this episode makes no sense unless you realise his name was supposed to be ‘victor’.

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