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There’s something really odd about Valentine’s Day. I mean, it is cheesy as can be and the dippy pink hearts and flowers that end up decorating everything don’t do all that much for me. Yet, it’s still just kind of fun to get involved in the spirit of the day because amazingly enough sometimes getting just a small something wrapped in foil can make someone’s entire day.

So, because I am an anime fan, I decided this year to think about which anime characters I would ask to be my Valentine (with a suitable gift of chocolate or flowers of course). I almost immediately ran into a problem in that almost every character I could think to pick was already in a relationship but then again, so am I, so I decided to ignore that little fact entirely and just pick whoever I wanted to pick.

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The selection process was brutal. So many great characters out there that I would absolutely love to surprise on this day of pink fluffiness and then I realised a lot of male anime characters don’t like chocolates… Which made me think about what I’d actually give them if I was going to try to ask them to be my Valentine.

Basically, I put way too much thought into an entirely theoretical process.

Anyway, who did I end up choosing?

No surprise but the first person (?) who came to mind was Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. Seriously, who wouldn’t ask him to be their Valentine? Though, I’m betting there’s a few strings attached to that one. Still, that voice, that hair, that smug smile and absolute confidence… Wait, where was I? Oh right, I was listing all the reasons Sebastian would be the perfect Valentine. Anyway, what would I get for Sebastian? A kitten of course with a cute little bow.

Next, I thought about Eiji who probably needs some cheering up – I know the entire Banana Fish fan-base did after watching that ending. Eiji is literally a ray of sunshine in a dark world and to be honest, I’d love to see him smile. I’d like to sit beside him on a roof and watch the sun come up and I’d like to travel and see the world beside him. I thought long and hard about what to get Eiji as a present to cheer him up and came up with pretty much nothing. Then I realised the perfect present (other than you know a time machine or reincarnation). A photo album commemorating the life of Ash Lynx. It might break his heart a little at first but I think he’d appreciate having something to hold onto.

For my third choice I decided to go with Tigrevermud Vorn from Lord Marksman and Vanadis. There’s something about this red-haired archer that is beautifully charming and honestly his skills are out of this world amazing and he’s still a pretty down-to-earth nice guy (the joys of fiction). Again, I struggled to think of a perfect present given Tigre is pretty much happy with the simple life, but then I figured it out. Exactly what Tigre needs in his life: an alarm clock. That way people won’t try waking him up with swords or killing instinct anymore.

My last pick (though this is narrowed down from a significantly longer list) for my 2019 Valentine – and again, this will surprise no one – is Takato from Dakaichi. I love his cool professionalism on set and how childish he is underneath that. How he carefully plans but gets easily flustered when things go awry. He’s just a character I would love to spend time with and I absolutely love his look. I get that he’s already well and truly spoken for and I’m risking life and limb if Junta finds out, however, Takato is one of the few characters I can genuinely give something sweet to and in this case it will definitely be a cake, pudding, or something sickly sweet.

There we have my short list of anime Valentine’s for 2019. Now I’d love to know who you would make your Valentine and what would you give them?

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16 thoughts on “Choosing An Anime Valentine

  1. My first pick is Hirotaka from Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Musukashii. He is just so straight forward, comfortable within his own skin. I’d give him a gift card for a store that sells anime and manga. I might also get him some nicotine patches in case he ever feels like giving up smoking. The day would be spent playing computer games and likely getting my ass handed to me. 😀

  2. I have a hard time picking, because most women in anime are half my age (at best!) and that strikes me a creepy. (Aside from the whole they’re in a relationship and so am I thing.)

    Setting all that aside, as I thought about it – a surprising (to me) choice popped into me head: Kotori Lida from Sweetness & Lightning. She loves to cook and loves good food and and so do I. But I’d choose the Kotori from the end of manga run rather than the anime, because she’s so much more self confident and outgoing.

    It would be perfectly fine to give her chocolate, but it would have to be a very good or unusual chocolate. She enjoys hot foods, some maybe a really good chocolate with chilies?

    1. I have the same problem looking at anime guys in that most of them are in high school and that is just kind of off. Other than Ash who is a teenager, most of my picks are older, though in Sebastian’s case the issue may be just how much older.

  3. Thanks. (Btw, second pick would have been a double Valentine for Kyouko and Sayaka because, well, they just need to catch a break. . .chocolates and maybe a couple of candied apples.)

  4. First pick would be Kaede from Non Non Biyori–she fascinates me as a character, and is a brash, independent woman who still shows a soft side for Ren-chon (the community’s youngest member). I’d get her a double gift, bringing her something from the city while treating her regular customers (Ren-chon et al.) to a round of snacks. . .

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