Cheer Boys Series Review


Kazu wants to start an all male cheer-leading team with his friend Haru. They work together to first recruit and then train a team.


There’s not a lot to say about this show. It’s kind of by the numbers get a group together to reach certain goals and along the way deal with each group members baggage in a touching and sweet way while not actually injecting real drama into the show because that would upset any kind of feel good notion we have going on. Okay, that sounds like I hated the show which isn’t true. I actually quite enjoyed watching it week to week but really it never rises beyond the premise and while the characters are enjoyable enough they aren’t exactly memorable.

What this show isn’t is a serious competition anime. The focus remains on the in-team relations and what limited attempts there are at inter-team rivalry amount to nothing. This is about the Breakers and how they overcome their own shortcomings, a fact that you will be slapped in the face with about every second episode just in case you thought this show was about a cheer-leading competition.

It is also about overcoming the fear of taking on new things. Kazu has waited a long time to begin to put his plans into action. Haru hesitates at every juncture. Even the other guys are at times plagued by uneasiness. All of these boys are going to have to work hard to overcome their fear of new things and of stepping out of their comfort zone and that’s probably the most positive message this story brings forward. Seeing them rise to the challenge and accomplish something new, and have fun doing it, is really quite delightful.

Haru is probably the character we spend the most time with, which is a shame because he is one of the least interesting. However, he does help a lot of other characters overcome their shortcomings even while he remains completely passive on dealing with his own sister issues until very close to the end. I guess they felt the protagonist couldn’t solve his own problem too early or they would actually have to put some real conflict into the show. This makes Haru a frustrating character most weeks because he is so insightful and action oriented when it comes to others but he actively avoids dealing with his own issues (and to a lesser extent, Kazu’s).

By the way, I am wondering if the writers of this have some hang-ups about being a little brother or sister because there are a lot of sibling issues that come up throughout the course of this anime. Yes, we have the usual big brother with a little sister complex but there are some actual and genuine sibling relationship issues (and not just for our main character).

Sho is my favourite character even though about half-way through the series you realise that the accident that has emotionally stunted Sho wasn’t as bad as foreshadowing would make it seem and while there have been real consequences, Sho is probably holding a little too tightly to his own guilt. That said, most episodes that have a Sho focus I found a little more interesting than some of the others.

So, if you are in the mood for watching a range of guys jump around and improve at cheer-leading while confronting their inner feelings, this will entertain and put a smile on your face. Otherwise, watch the opening theme and you’ve more or less seen the final routine so call it a day.

Alright, I’m done. This is enjoyable but pretty much without substance. If another season with the new recruits came out I’d probably watch it however this one is either take it or leave it. While it is fun enough it isn’t something you need to rush out and watch and ultimately it is pretty forgettable.

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8 thoughts on “Cheer Boys Series Review

  1. I found this show to only be slightly enjoyable and just a little above average so it’s just…fine in general. A collective “Meh” at the whole thing for me.

    1. The thing is, the show isn’t good or bad, it just is. So if you are in the right mood it should be enjoyable. If you are feeling critical, you’ll probably call it after an episode.

  2. Well, with so many other great shows I still have to watch, and after reading this review, I have just put this one on the list of : “Anime to watch when I am trouble watching everything else “. The short version: probably never 😂 Great review though 😀

  3. I watched the first episode and got very, very bored to the point where I was like “That was only 30 minutes?” when the episode finally ended so I think you’re review is very valid lol.

  4. I’ve been planning to watch this (and I will…one day…someday) because I’m curious about the subject matter. From your review, it sounds as if I’m better off saving it for a long, lazy day.

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