Cheer Boys Episode 5.5


I remember I said that I’d be pretty happy if Cheer Boys ended after their debut in episode 5. It seemed like a great place to stop. They assembled a team, trained hard, and succeeded at starting their team. Yay. Apparently the writers thought so too because this week we somehow get a recap of the first 5 episodes and nothing else. I don’t like recap epsiodes as a rule and I like them even less midway through a season. If you have to have it at least have it as a catch up when starting a new season.

So no actual review of the episode because other than a little bit of commentary from our main characters (nothing all that insightful) this is all just rehash of what we watched and I know very few people with memories bad enough that they couldn’t follow the very basic story being presented in this anime up to this point.

Cheer Boys is still a go, but skip this episode if you haven’t already watched it.

Cheer Boys is available on Crunchyroll.

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