Cheer Boys Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2:

This one is moving along slow and steady. Last episode they formed the team, now we’re recruiting members and setting goals. I like that they didn’t become spectacular after a training montage and that the small improvements feel genuine, though I still question whether an injured shoulder would be any more useful in cheerleading than Judo. The dynamic between the boys is great and the new additions are keeping it feeling fresh. I’m not going to drop this one for a bit even though it isn’t my usual style of anime because it’s light and enjoyable without too much thought required.

Review Episode 3:


Yep, it’s light and enjoyable and not too much thought required. That’s the perfect summation of this anime. This week we get the standard messages about perseverance over talent while we’re introduced to another male soon to be member of the club. Like most the other members he’s coming with his own motives and baggage but the show doesn’t seem to want to dwell on this but rather continues to focus on the boys developing into a cohesive team and that’s pleasant enough if not particularly exciting. It was nice to see them actually start to develop some tumbling skills though the speed at which they succeeded kind of makes me want to question whether the writers have ever tried actually tumbling. If you want something light and easy, watch a couple of episodes of this.

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4 thoughts on “Cheer Boys Episode 2 + 3

  1. I’m slowly making my way through the reviews as I decided whether or not I want to watch this lol. The idea of of a male cheerleading based anime is really interesting to me though but it sounds like this show is a bit slow to build momentum.

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