Cheating Craft Episode 1


Everything is determined by your results in an exam and so cheating has become the norm (only this is kind of extreme cheating).


I’m not entirely sure if I was bored or intrigued by this first episode. The narration is so incredibly dull and slow. You are four minutes into a 12 minute episode by the time they actually get around to a point and they drone over the entire thing. That and I’m pretty sure we only met the characters we’re actually supposed to get to care about in the last minute of the episode so it kind of makes you wonder if any of the story about the first two guys that you just spent ten minutes watching is going to become relevant.

That said, there is potential for this to be either really and incredibly stupid or kind of clever and half-way interesting. There’s a lot here that is either over-the-top or seen before but I’m open for a little bit more of it at the moment so we’ll see how long that lasts before I’ve had enough. Last thought, is it just me or are there are lot of anime characters who have a parent figure who has been falsely imprisoned?

Cheating Craft is available on Crunchyroll.

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