Characters With Irreconcilable Differences This Week In Anime

I’ve skipped a bit so this week I’m covering Cells at Work Episodes 6 – 8 and The Promised Neverland Episode 7.

I didn’t watch Code Black this week but instead binged the cancer story in the original Cells. Next week I’ll do a catch up watch on Code Black. I also caught up with our favourite orphans to find out how Emma and Ray were going to deal with Norman.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 7

So The Promised Neverland… Episode 7 has Emma and Norman talking. Which means it is kind of like episode 6 only this time without all the other kids around to gasp occasionally. In fairness, this conversation is much more interesting than the basic speeches given in the previous episode because now we have Emma raising the real moral issues with Norman’s plan and we also have their overall conflict given these two were really close and yet now they are world’s apart. While we still don’t know what happened to Norman when he was taken away (though this episode certainly suggests it wasn’t good) his experiences have absolutely changed him and while before he might have been happy to indulge in Emma’s optimism about finding another path right now he is not going to be dissuaded from his course.

The Promised Neverland - Emma holding Norman's hand to stop him leaving.
Don’t let go, Emma. Don’t ever let go.

Anyway, the practical fallout of all of this is that Norman ‘agreed’ to wait 5 days for Emma to find the two demons who helped the kids before but it doesn’t look like he actually intends to wait. While I’m still not totally hooked into this second season of The Promised Neverland, the potential clash between Norman and Emma, who were always a pretty perfect team, does have me a lot more curious. Particularly as it was Emma and Ray who used to ideologically collide and now he’s all for supporting team Emma. The events of the series have definitely had an impact on all of these characters and it is great to see that have real consequences in their relationships, though I don’t know that it is so great if Emma and Ray actually have to try to go against Norman.

Cells at Work!! Season 2 Episodes 6-8

Okay, I binged these three episodes together. I’d already made the decision to do that before I sat down to watch and when I saw that episodes 7 and 8 were part one and two I was pretty glad I made that call. Realistically all of episodes 5 and 6 were a lead in to the story about Cancer as well. Which kind of makes this the longest running continuous story Cells has given us yet.

Cells at Work - Cancer again
On the one hand this is a highly flawed argument. On the other, given his treatment since birth, I kind of see his point.

Now more is not actually better and in this case by the final episode it all felt a little drawn out. Where a criticism of cancer in season one was that he only had half of one episode and then the next before being snuffed, in this season he hangs around far too long and even the characters involved in the fight make a joke of the fact that they are essentially repeating the same basic cycle of dialogue over and over. Joking about it doesn’t make it alright to stretch material that just isn’t making the run-time. That said, we do get frequent cuts in episodes 7 and 8 to Red Blood Cell attempting to rescue this troop of adorable platelets from the various bacteria invading the large intestines and while I could have done with a little bit more of all of this crew, they didn’t overstay their welcome and every scene they had was pure gold.

Cells at Work - Red Blood Cell and Plateletes
And these cuties are back.

Where this series of episodes really succeeds though is in showing us the interconnections between different issues within the body. Previously we’ve only really had one issue at a time whereas here we have the imbalance in the intestines followed by an invasion of bacteria with the opportunistic bacteria in the system joining forces to attack the body, as well as Cancer and his nefarious plans, as well as the body itself actually protecting Cancer given it is a cell that is apart of the body. The three things are linked and feed off one another quite catastrophically until a few things tip the balance the other way and realistically this is a fairly good depiction of how one condition can exacerbate or create the opportunity for another problem to rise.

I did enjoy this group of episodes even if I felt they could have cut it down a little bit and so far this mid-season stretch has been the best of this season’s Cells at Work.


Cells at Work! Code Black! – not watched this week

Wrapping It Up

We’re closing in on the end of the season and so I’ve started taste testing a bunch of other shows that are airing. I’m currently posting my thoughts on the first three episodes in my Watch or Drop series of posts and I’ll continue to try out a few more shows before I decide what I’m going to watch and review from this season. I’m definitely going to cover Attack on Titan, Dr Stone, Slime, Higurashi, and Jujutsu Kaisen. I’ve also added Horimiya to the definite watch pile and I suspect curiosity will get the better of me and when it becomes available in March I’ll watch season 2 of B the Beginning despite my misgivings about that. there’s definitely a whole bunch of anime still on my list to at least try so I’ll continue to work through them.

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