Chain Chronicles: The Light of Haecceitas Episode 6



One of my pet hates when watching anime is how easily characters are brainwashed or manipulated, particularly during critical moments. With that said, as Chain Chronicles completes it’s ‘come to the dark-side’ moment I’m actually impressed that for once the villains (and various hallucinations) gave a fairly concrete argument as to why the hero was wasting his time. It was easy to chip away at his resolve because he has already raised an army and tried to defeat the black king and he has failed completely.


Unlike so many other anime would be heroes, he genuinely has reason to doubt that he can ever succeed and not just because he doesn’t trust himself, but because he’s already given his all once and crashed and burned hard.

Yeah, other stuff happens this episode. Princess pink hair gives a rousing speech and decides to become a Queen, but the majority of this episode is around Yuri falling into darkness.

Chain Chronicles is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “Chain Chronicles: The Light of Haecceitas Episode 6

  1. i dont particularly have a problem with having the light/dark dichotomy going on with the princess/queen inspiring people with stories about the guy who is turning evil as she’s speaking. my main complaint would be that yuri’s reaction, while understandable, is in a nutshell “i stabbed my friend who was trying to keep me from doing something really bad…i must become evil now in his memory”?

    1. It is a little bit simplistic but fits with how the rest of this story has unfolded. They aren’t exactly going for complex character building.

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