Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas Episode 8



There was a moment early in this episode where I realised they’d just thrown us into the middle of a battle and we didn’t know who was fighting or which side they were on. And then I realised that of course we knew who the bad guys are, they are all in black. This story is basic fantasy and they throw a million characters at us but other than our core group none of the others really serve any purpose other than momentary assistance, advice, death count, or needing to be rescued. As a result you can just kind of let the names roll past you and ignore them. It makes for light and amusing viewing but at the same time feels like a bit of a waste that this world isn’t fleshed out any more than it has been.


Of course we spend quite a bit of time on Yuri this episode. He’s gone to the dark side fairly literally but Aram isn’t really in the mood to take that lying down. Enter a magic book and let’s finally see how Yuri got to where he is.


Mostly I just felt sorry for this poor tree but that isn’t here or there. While it would be easy to say the world building and character development of this show is sloppy, this core group have really become interesting in the last few episodes and the story continues with enough momentum to entertain. The show has never tried to be anything particularly profound. It really is by the numbers fantasy but it does it reasonably well.

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3 thoughts on “Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas Episode 8

  1. I don’t know what this anime is about, but something about the art style draws me in. However, once you noted it is another one of these action animes which seem to throw a million and one people at us and seemingly only develop one or two, I’m not sure if it is worth it…

    1. Unless you are a major fan of basic sword and sorcery fantasy, there’s really not a lot to this anime. It appeals to me because it is incredibly formulaic fantasy but I’m not seeing a particularly broad range of appeal given there is nothing else particularly note worthy about it.

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