Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas Episode 12



Hey, after 12 episodes I finally spelt the name right on the first go instead of the fifth. There’s an achievement. Anyway, this ends pretty much exactly the way you would expect given the story so far. It’s never done more than be a standard sword and sorcery fantasy and the ending, in all its light show, sword clashing, dragon fighting glory is as standard as it comes, including the final boss having three forms to fight through before he was finally defeated. But hey, nobody really cared about the black king because we had to save Yuri.


So yes, we even get a fight of good Yuri vs evil Yuri inside his head again, just in case we hadn’t already hammered that cliché into the ground. And while this show has always had a heavy light vs dark theme this episode really just hammered it.


But the strength of bonds and friendship wins, because this is standard fantasy and don’t worry too much about anyone because you know we wouldn’t want the good guys to not feel like they had an outright victory.

Despite what might seem like a harsh episode review, I had a lot of fun watching this and I’m looking forward to writing a review of the whole series.

Chain Chronicle is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas Episode 12

  1. i would once again put this series in the category of “surprisingly okay”.

    and randomly, i prefer the way dragons look in this series over the style in zestiria

    1. The dragons in this were pretty cool.
      Surprisingly okay is probably a good description. I really enjoyed it, but admit it hasn’t done anything outside of generic fantasy from start to end, but I really enjoy generic fantasy so it worked for me.

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